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Anik Singal’s Reviews

Is A Scam?

Anik Singal’s Reviews – Is A Scam?
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Anik Singal is a well-known online affiliate marketer.

He is the CEO of a company called LURN, Inc. which was rated one of the fastest 500 growing companies in the United States, and the second fastest growing educational company.

He has been responsible for the creation of many high-selling info-products online, including one of his most popular,

But, perhaps the biggest buzz right about his programs centers around his revamped training site… version 3.0…

For a $1 trial, anyone can gain access to this newly re-modeled affiliate marketer training center for 14 days.

Their pitch is, “Give Me A Person Who Can Barely Copy And Paste…And I’ll Quickly Get Them Pulling In As Much As $1,817 Every DAY!”

This particular headline and accomplished its goal in compelling us and generating interest, but does the program stand up to the hype?

Ok, so the claims may seem lofty, but is worth paying for the 14 day trial and subsequently $29.97 per month?

In our opinion, it just may be…

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Firstly, your success with the program depends upon your current skill level as an internet marketer.

From my experience, the content is more geared towards newbie marketers, so if you’re just getting started you may want to give it a whirl…

I do like the way they’ve broken down affiliate marketing into the different types of websites and strategies.

One particular aspect that requires a bit more effort, is the content and organization.   I found when I logged into the back office, although it looked beautiful, it was hard to figure out exactly where all of the different training modules were located.

As always, the organization and design are subject to change, particularly when more people participate in the program and offer feedback.  It is very possible that they’ve improved some of the glitches I encountered early on…

All in all, Anik has put together some great content to help you succeed in affiliate marketing, but back end of the site is not as easy to manage as the sales process.

That’s my take on it…

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  • Anik Singal is an excellent marketer but I'm not impressed with version 2.0 - it looks like they need to spend some more time on the user content and a little less on their marketing. I know that making money is the name of the game, but comparatively, there sales process is killer and their content weak...
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  • It's all hype.
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