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Rating 5.0 - 1 Reviews advertises the “Shortcut to Millions” program. According to the site, Jeff Paul claims that with three clicks, you can be on your way to making tons of money using the internet. Let’s find out more. How It Works offers, for the price of $20 plus shipping and handling, a “Shortcut to Internet Millions” system, which includes a lot of informational products and training material on how to make money online. One of the features of the system is the bunch of 10 free websites that offers as part of the package.

You will be billed for the membership every month, for the websites and additional marketing information that you receive periodically.

The system is typical of affiliate marketing—with your 10 websites, you link to various online products that Jeff Paul refers you to. You supposedly have a choice of over a thousand websites whose products to choose from. Once you link your website to their products, for every sale made through traffic from your site, you receive a commission. claims that all you need to do to make money using the system is 3 clicks to cash.
By paying a premium, you can also receive additional material from Some of these add-ons include: membership to the Jeff Paul VIP Club for $8; and Jeff Paul’s audio newsletter for $13 monthly. also offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days. What Three Clicks? claims that with just three clicks of the mouse, you can be on your way to internet riches automatically.

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The first click is just selecting the sites that you want for yourself. The second click involves setting up your information (including personal and financial information), and the third click gets your site online. The Man Behind the TV

Jeff Paul’s commercial for the system featuring scantily clad women are everywhere. The man behind the system, Jeff Paul, rose to fame in the 1990s after his book “How to Make Money, Quick & Easy, Sitting at your Kitchen Table in Your Underwear!” hit the shelves, along with his unique marketing training material.

Jeff Paul disappeared into oblivion in the early 90s, only to re-emerge in his new avatar as the founder of the internet system of making money. The Bottom Line offers a package with information on internet marketing, 10 readymade websites for starting off with internet marketing, and access to the marketing “knowledge bank” of Jeff Paul. also offers a choice of over a thousand websites that your websites can start marketing.

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Rating 5.0 - 1 Reviews
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Rating: 0 Reviews | Is a Scam?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

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