Create Space Review | Does Create Space Scam People?

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Create Space is a company owned by Amazon that claims to be able to help authors self-publish their books. It is said that this service enables musicians, artists and authors to make their product available on Amazon. This appears to reduce the costs of publishing or recording because artists may not have to pay the large upfront costs associated with the traditional methods of recording and publishing.

According to their website located at, their goal is to make it easier for authors and musicians to get their work out onto the public domain. They claim to take care of all shipping and manufacturing costs. The site says that the book or CD of the author or musician stays in-stock minus an inventory. According to the company, this is an advantage for the artist because the book is sold on demand.

This service appears to have a number of different methods of calculating the royalties earned by writers and musicians. According to the company, the royalty rates they offer are among the best in the industry. They state that royalties are earned every time a product is manufactured after a customer has placed an order.

The company appears to be a free publishing service but they seemingly charge for the printing and shipping of proof copies. Although they do not offer discounts for bulk orders, they claim that their unit cost is still among the lowest available online. It is free to set up an account which seemingly allows artists to sell their work on their own e-store and Amazon.

Create Space Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

There are advanced options such as the Pro Plan. At the time of writing, this costs $39 plus $5 per product per year. This package appears to offer artists an opportunity to sell their products to a wider audience.

There seems to be more advanced packages available such as the ‘Author’s Express’ package which is $299.

The most expensive package offered by this company is seemingly the ‘Marketing Pro’ offer which currently costs $4,999. This appears to cover most aspects of sales and distribution. The company also appears to offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

About The Founder

Create Space is now part of the Amazon group but was founded as CustomFlix Labs (founded 2002), Inc. and BookSurge Inc. (founded 2000). Both companies became part of Amazon in 2005. BookSurge was merged with CustomFlix Labs in 2009 with both companies given the Create Space name.

Quick Summary

Create Space purports to be able to greatly reduce the cost of publishing books and recording music.

Their site states that all costs associated with manufacturing and shipping are covered with the author escaping the need for large upfront fees. The company claims that their program offers the most affordable and best value for money rates in the industry.

It appears that the service is free to join. The company also offers other products which they claim offers greater exposure for artists. The cost of these plans range from $39 with a $5 annual charge per product to $4,999 for their ‘Marketing Pro’ plan. They also seem to offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Have you any information relating to Create Space that we have missed? Perhaps you have already used this service and could offer some tips and advice. Don’t hesitate to post a comment below to share your thoughts on this service.

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Rating 4.0 - 1 Reviews
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Create Space Review | Does Create Space Scam People?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

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