Dani Johnson Review | Does Dani Johnson Scam People?

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Dani Johnson is a woman who wants to share her story and experience to aid people in building a more profitable business. The web site www.danijohnson.com is a free website with articles which coach on the subject of money making. This site also provides links to products that she sells, such as her book “First Steps to Wealth.”

According to Dani Johnson, all you need to do is watch her five videos and read her book to understand how you can become successful at money making. In her videos and books, she teaches the strategies she used to build her business and to become wealthy. She states that “There are lots of people who’ve made millions, but they have no wealth because they spend all they make.”

Dani Johnson Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

Dani Jonson’s book and five videos are free with a $7.00 shipping fee. Aside from the free website she of course offers a membership which includes 100´s of audio training, articles, and videos, plus networking with others. This membership costs $1 for the first 30 days, and after that it is $4.95 a month. The site states that you can cancel your membership at any time.

According to Dani, becoming a member is “easy, quick, and painless.” There are no extra bonuses to the videos, book, or membership.

About The Founders

Dani Johnson claims that at 21, she was homeless and by the age of 23, she was a millionaire.

She found herself pregnant and without a career at the age of 17. When she was 19, she started her first business- which failed- and when she was 21, she was homeless. This is when she began marketing a weight loss product, and within the next two years was wealthy. She alone founded her site, and says she wants to share with others how they can learn to manage their money. Dani Johnson has been on the ABC Premier Secret Millionaire, and currently frequents seminars and workshops.

Quick Summary

Dani Johnson is a millionaire who was once homeless and now uses her free book, website and videos to share her road to success.

Her book is sent after a payment of $7.00 for shipping. And you can become a member at her website for $1 the first 30 days and $4.95 a month after that.

Do you know Dani Johnson or have you read any of her work? If you have more information or have seen Dani in one of her workshops please share your experience. Your comments help us to better educate our readers.

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Rating 4.0 - 3 Reviews
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Dani Johnson Review | Does Dani Johnson Scam People?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 Reviews

Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis is a stay-at-home mom and proud single mother. Her true love is her baby boy Mason, who is her inspiration for life. After getting laid off from her position as a legal assistant in 2007, she turned to the internet as a way to support her family. Unfortunately, the road to success was rocky and her first 18 months brought nothing but credit card debt, financial stress, and one "get-rich-quick" scam after another. Finally, after almost 2 years of struggling, she was fortunate to find a great mentor who took her under his wings and taught her what it really takes to succeed online. Ever since, she's been blessed to generate a full-time income from home and views every day as an opportunity to inspire others with the same goals. There is nothing that makes her happier than being able to give back and help others!

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