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FB Maxed Review

Does FB Maxed Scam People?

FB Maxed Review | Does FB Maxed Scam People?

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

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Facebook has recently made changes allowing people to include things such as videos, photo galleries, multiple pages, PHP mail forms and more on their pages. FB Maxed is designed to help you learn to use these new features to your advantage and help you to build the Facebook page that your business needs. Basically, it’s now possible to make your page a complete website, right on Facebook.

The product offers you everything that you need in one easy package. You’ll find three different templates that you can customize and use to build your Facebook page, complete with video, icons and more. They’ve also included code that allows you to break the 800 pixel limitation. This will allow you to create a page that will look good and have all of the information you need in order to capture your readers’ attention.

All of this is possible as Facebook moved from their proprietary language, FBML and started using iframes instead. A major advantage for many people is that if people want to see your content, they’ll have to “Like” the page first, allowing your updates to show up in their news feed. This can make an excellent marketing tool.

The FB Maxed system can be used to promote just about any internet marketing efforts that you may have. If you’re looking to include a Facebook page as part of your marketing strategy, this system may be able to help you get the look that you’re going for. You will need a Facebook account in order to build the page, these accounts are free.

FB Maxed Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

The FB Maxed system and software costs $47 a month for access, with access granted immediately upon processing the payment. As an added bonus when you sign up, they’ve included bonuses such as the FB X-Tab WordPress plugin, WordPress themes and a variety of HTML templates. The plugin allows you to serve Facebook Apps from a WordPress installation. Two themes are included and a Landing Page HTML template will be a part of your purchase. Each month, you can expect new Facebook Apps, updates for the plugin, new themes and more.

There did not appear to be a guarantee listed anywhere on the page, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. The exit pop-up didn’t appear to offer a discount on FB Maxed.

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About The Founders

There does not appear to be any information available about the founders of the FB Maxed system, aside from the fact that Daniel Tan is an SEO specialist and Phil Benham is a social media marketing expert and consultant.

Quick Summary

FB Maxed is designed to make it a simple process to design killer Facebook pages that sell your item, whatever that may be.

As you’re no longer limited by FBML, you can use this product to create attractive pages that will help you market your product, and can even be used to mask your content until the prospective client has clicked the “Like” button, which can be a great marketing tool on it’s own.

The product costs $47 to buy and $47 each month to keep your access, and you are given various bonuses each month such as Facebook Apps, WordPress themes and more. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a guarantee on the website. The founders are SEO specialist Daniel Tan and social media marketing consultant Phil Benham.

Have you used the FB Maxed products? If so, sound off in the comments below and tell others about your experience!

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