EasyFreeIncome.com Review | Is EasyFreeIncome.com A Scam?

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Easy Money With Easyfreeincome.com

Easyfreeincome.com. What a great name for an online business that shows you how to make thousands of dollars a day for just a few hours of time, right? Not so fast, though. Let’s slow down and really take a look at this business and make a decision the right way. Investigate, learn and create a list of positives and negatives, then base our decision on that. For easyfreeincome.com, I’m going to rely heavily on my three strikes technique.

My first immediate red flag about this business is the name: easyfreeincome.com. During the time that I’ve spent building my business, I’ve come to realize a few things. First, it’s not easy. To make legitimate, long-lasting income, it takes some elbow grease and commitment. Secondly, income is never “free”. There’s always something attached to it like time, a product or a service. Immediately, my “shady business” alarm starts going off, which means that I need to be very cautious as I investigate this business. Strike one.

Free Information on EasyFreeIncome.com

The premise of the site is that you can make a lot of money for a daily investment of your time and the site’s owner guarantees a $300 pay off the first time you try his “100% risk free” method. Our host is also willing to give this information away, absolutely free. Sounds like a great deal, so far. I continue reading through the site and finally get to the download link. The site even has testimonials of happy people who have used this system to make loads of cash.

The e-book is free, you get it by providing an e-mail address. I used an e-mail address that I don’t mind getting spam in. I download the e-book and took a quick look at it. The secret to this amazing free money making opportunity can be summed up in one word: gambling. My shady business alarm just started freaking out! One thing I want to point out is that there are two different e-books. One is for the USA and the other is for all other countries. The USA version provides a link for an online gaming site. Let me be quite frank about this; gambling is not a way to grow a business unless you are the casino. Do you think that casinos could afford to build such amazing structures in Las Vegas if they were losing? The bottom line on gambling is that the house always wins. Strike two.

EasyFreeIncome.com Promotes A Progressive Betting System

I took a look around the web to get more information about this site. I found out that this is a progressive bet system. If you lose you have to keep increasing your bet. The withdrawal requirements at the online casino you’re directed to are confusing and difficult. From what others are saying about this site, it appears that it’s an affiliate of the casino. In fact, it is stressed throughout the e-book that you must use the method and that it only works at the specific casino that the e-book links to.

This probably means that the person behind the EasyFreeIncome.com site is making money from every person that deposits money at the casino.

To me, this is a huge strike three.

Is easyfreeincome.com a scam? I know what I think. As always, you can investigate for yourself. Just keep in mind, the house always ends up winning. What do you think? Send me some comments with your opinion.

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Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis is a stay-at-home mom and proud single mother. Her true love is her baby boy Mason, who is her inspiration for life. After getting laid off from her position as a legal assistant in 2007, she turned to the internet as a way to support her family. Unfortunately, the road to success was rocky and her first 18 months brought nothing but credit card debt, financial stress, and one "get-rich-quick" scam after another. Finally, after almost 2 years of struggling, she was fortunate to find a great mentor who took her under his wings and taught her what it really takes to succeed online. Ever since, she's been blessed to generate a full-time income from home and views every day as an opportunity to inspire others with the same goals. There is nothing that makes her happier than being able to give back and help others!

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