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Google Easy Cash Kit Review

Is Google Easy Cash Kit a Scam?

Google Easy Cash Kit Review | Is Google Easy Cash Kit a Scam?
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Google Easy Cash Kit and other businesses with similar-sounding names basically claim to help you make tons of money using Google. What they do is teach you how to maximize profits from Google’s advertising programs, AdSense and AdWords. The product they sell is training material to help navigate the world of Google’s advertising programs.

What does the Google Easy Cash Kit actually do, and will it make you any real money? Let’s find out.

Google Easy Cash Kit: How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. The Google Easy Cash Kit program is advertised as a 7-day risk-free program that will help you earn a lot of money using Google ads.

What you will receive: training material on how to make Google AdSense and Google AdWords work for you. Google Easy Cash Kit will teach you how to effectively place ads for your affiliate programs. It will also get you started on a couple of Web sites. You will also be given an option to become a reseller of some eBooks, by setting up a Web site (up to three Web sites, actually) and earning some commissions from the traffic to the Web sites.

Google Easy Cash Kit: The Fine Print

First off, the obvious fact: Google Easy Cash Kit is NOT affiliated with Google nor is it endorsed by the company.

That out of the way, let’s look at some other things you must know about Google Easy Cash Kit.

Signing up for Google Easy Cash Kit also automatically subscribes you to another program

(after all, who actually reads the fine print?) and you are charged an extra fee for it. So, after the “free” 7-day risk-free trial, you will pay nearly $80 a month.

Google Easy Cash Kit is really difficult to cancel, and several folks have reported having to cancel their credit card because they just weren’t able to cancel the program.

Also, please note that Google does not send checks to anyone except under the AdSense program. And that is not guaranteed income by any means.

Google Easy Cash Kit also seems to be a front for Google Money Master, which seems to have spawned this new business. Google Money Master works under a similar concept.

Google Easy Cash Kit: Does It Mean Easy Cash for Me?

Google Easy Cash Kit basically offers tips to maximize the potential of Google’s advertising programs. There is some good material there, but hardly worth $80 a month. Participating in Google AdSense is free, and Google doesn’t really pay anyone else for any online programs. So, the claims made by Google Easy Cash Kit seem false.

One way you can earn money using Google Easy Cash Kit is if you are able to make some money by becoming a reseller of e-books that Google Easy Cash Kit might want to advertise. The potential for income doesn’t seem that lucrative though….

Google Easy Cash Kit: Bottom Line

Questionable billing practices, a shady business basis, and bad reviews make our Scam-o-meter start to smoke…

Have you had any exeperience with this business opportunity? Share with the world below…

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