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Rating 2.4 - 29 Reviews is a directory of work-at-home jobs for people to browse through and apply to.

The goal of is to separate the scams from the legitimate places to find work online.

It is similar to a job finder website like except it is specific to online work from home jobs only.

But the real question is are any of these jobs that are listed worth your time? And is home job stop setting you up for disappointment?

A quick rundown of the pros and cons reveals all…

The type of job opportunities available at HomeJobStop range from customer service to web design, and even engineering! Quite a broad spectrum according to the website.

Home Job Stop Pros:

  • CHEAP – is dirt cheap! The maximum price for a full membership that includes all the bells and whistles is a stingy $24. The cheap price makes me wonder about quality but ultimately it’s nice it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • SCAM FREE – The directory of jobs is scrubbed and has restrictions on what jobs are allowed to be listed. The whole point of the membership is that you are paying to have them filter out the garbage for you.
  • CLICKBANK PRODUCT – Clickbank is one of the internet’s largest market places for online products and services. Since is a product of Clickbank it means that you have 60 days to refund and get your money back if you are unhappy.

HomeJobStop Cons:

  • NO DIRECTION – While it is good that the directory of jobs is scrubbed to remove scams, working online is still intimidating for a lot of folks and they could be better served with more guidance on how to get started. It still leaves a lot of work up to the work-at-home seeker to find a feasible way to make money from home or online.
  • CONTRACT WORK – A lot of online jobs are part time work that require you to do your taxes as a 1099 independent contractor. There isn’t a lot of stability in being a contract worker and often times the wages are far from the lifestyle you deserve.
  • J.O.B. = Just Over Broke- Why work online just so you can have another job that barely gets you by and you hate? A lot of the appeal of working from home is to have complete control of your income potential and personal freedom. It can be just as simple to own your own business online as it is to have a home based job. Working for yourself from home instead of some random job can be a very profitable way to live on your own terms.

Overall gets a passing grade.

There is generally positive feedback about the services they offer and not a whole lot of reasons to be skeptical.

Personally, I’m not crazy about leaving a corporate job or getting laid off from one just to go get another job (even if from home) and have the same thing happen again.

For some people these types of opportunities make sense; however, my bottom line recommendation is that if you want to work from home or online, then you are better off working for yourself and owning your own business –it can be the same amount of work for ten-fold the reward.

Do you agree? Post a review below…

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Rating 2.4 - 29 Reviews
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Rating: 0 Reviews | Is A Scam?, 2.4 out of 5 based on 29 Reviews

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