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How Can They Help?

Every now and then, you may find yourself looking for some quick cash. You sift through your sofa or dig through pockets of jackets and coats and sometimes you might be rewarded with a handful of coins or a few dollar bills that you had forgotten about. is sort of like that, but for a fee. isn’t really a business opportunity, but it’s a site that can help you find money or property that’s long been forgotten. The site is pretty easy to use. You type your first and last name into two search fields and click “Find Money!”

The next page presents you with the money search results. In my case, it was $115.65. Hey, that’s kind of cool. Free money and it’s more than a C-note. I like this site. Below that information, you find a form that requests most of your personal information. Filling out the form, according to the copy on the page, allows you to have an instant subscription for 30 days of unlimited records searches. Plus, you get a 100% money back guarantee.

Is the monthly fee worth it for Cash Unclaimed?

Whoa, wait a minute. They charge me for this? Okay, well, let’s take a look at how much. It turns out that the fee for doing 30 days of unlimited searches is US$11.00. Considering that the site is listed as McAfee secure and provides a 100% money back guarantee, I don’t think $11.00 is really such a bad fee when I get a return of $115.65.

However, let’s slow down and keep a few things in mind before we sign up for this service. First of all, the money doesn’t necessarily belong to me. There could be other people with the name Darin Blue out in this wide world. You may be saying, “But Darin, come on. Isn’t $11.00 a small price to pay to find out whether or not you have some free cash out there waiting for you?”

You Can Have It For Free

Not in most cases. However, what if I told you I could get this information for free? Yes, you heard me right. Free. Every state in the U.S. has some form of an open records act. In general, you can do a search to find your state treasurer’s Web site and within the site, there will be an area for you to search for unclaimed funds and property. You can do this for every state that you’ve ever lived in. Within a few minutes of digging, I found that within my home state, I didn’t have any unclaimed funds. Is it a Scam?

No. is simply a site that accesses all of the open records databases around the world and pulls information from them. This is very convenient if you don’t want to go state by state. However, if you’ve only ever lived in one state, it’s just as easy to go to your state treasurer’s Web site and find out whether you have any unclaimed property or cash. is up front about what they charge and they are accredited with and have a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you’ve lived in a lot of locations around the world, $11.00 for 30 days of full access to may very well be worth it.

As always, take a closer look at this opportunity and make a judgment based on your own observations.

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Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis is a stay-at-home mom and proud single mother. Her true love is her baby boy Mason, who is her inspiration for life. After getting laid off from her position as a legal assistant in 2007, she turned to the internet as a way to support her family. Unfortunately, the road to success was rocky and her first 18 months brought nothing but credit card debt, financial stress, and one "get-rich-quick" scam after another. Finally, after almost 2 years of struggling, she was fortunate to find a great mentor who took her under his wings and taught her what it really takes to succeed online. Ever since, she's been blessed to generate a full-time income from home and views every day as an opportunity to inspire others with the same goals. There is nothing that makes her happier than being able to give back and help others!

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