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Online Franchise Formula Review

Does Online Franchise Formula Scam People?

Online Franchise Formula Review – Does Online Franchise Formula Scam People?
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Online Franchise Formula appears to be an affiliate marketing service that will allow you to make money when people visit your webpage and click on links. The formula refers to this type of money as ‘click income’.

The creator of the secret formula claims they made $410,462.90 with the first 90 days of implementing the formula. The website,, seems to describe the premise on how the formula works and how you can get started on this venture.

What Is The Online Franchise Formula?

The secret online franchise formula is reportedly a combination of three so-called “ingredients”.

The website lists the ingredients as follows:

1. Find a product that people are desperately looking for and that has a huge market.

2. Find companies that are open to allowing people to sample their products and services for free.

3. Add commissions that can be earned through affiliate programs through these companies.

Affiliate programs allow people to earn money when visitors to their websites or blogs click on the product links of their affiliate companies. This allows your webpage to do the work for you once you set the links up correctly. It would seem that is why the online franchise formula refers to the money you can earn as click income.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

The 30 minute informational video on the website states that click traffic can earn you between $.05 and $5 while free trial referrals can earn you between $2 and $50. As the video runs it will show you some examples on how much you can potentially earn in one week. The example in the video shows that one person made $7,364.50 in click income. There are several other ways that you can earn some extra bonus cash such as referring new affiliates. It seems that you would earn some residual income off of their clicks.

The online franchise formula appears to have a limited time offer on personal coaching for $497 for members.

The personal coaching looks to put you in direct contact with a person who is already successful in implementing the formula. In addition to the special personal coaching pricing, members reportedly receive a copy of a website that is ready to go with affiliate links and various tutorial software and tools. It looks like the cost to get started is by signing up and paying a onetime special offer price of $39.

There are a couple of ways to purchase access to the secret formula including credit card and PayPal.

Do you know anything we missed about this company? Maybe you have tried it and have something to say. Share your thoughts below…

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