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Western Wats powers the OpinionOutpost.com website, which is reportedly an online market research service website. Opinion Outpost appears to provide their business clients with the service of collecting data from their registered member community in the form of completed surveys. Business clients seemingly then use the data to help them formulate better business decisions by critiquing their products or services to better serve consumers. Western Wats, a research data collection agency, has telephone survey centers in the U.S. and the Philippines with online research panels spanning North America and Europe.

What Does OpinionOutpost.com Offer?

OpinionOutpost.com claims to offer their online member community the opportunity to have their opinions count. Surveys are said to be compensated with payment being made in the form of opinion points. Opinion Outpost claims that members have the option to choose which surveys they want to participate in and they can cancel their membership at any time. The opinion points can then be redeemed for cash, sweepstake entries, instant win opportunities or charity donations.

Opinion Outpost also advertises an affiliate referral program that is reportedly free to join. They state they will pay an affiliate $1.00 USD for each new member that creates an online account with them. The affiliate program claims they provide advertising tools, monthly checks and online tracking reports.

According to the website; cash balances are paid in the form of monthly checks. Payment is made when an account surpasses $20.00 in any given month. If the account is under the $20.00 threshold; the money seems to be rolled over into the next month’s earnings; and released when the threshold has been met.

How Much Does OpinionOutpost.com Cost?

OpinionOutpost.com advertises that becoming part of their registered member community is free. However, they do request that members be 18 years of age. Opinion Outpost also limits enrollment to residents living within the United States and Canada and further restrict registration to one member per household. It appears the only cost associated with joining their program is the time you will spend completing surveys; of which they say you will be compensated for.

OpinionOutpost.com in Review

OpinionOutpost.com is an online website that collects data from their online members who complete opinion surveys. In turn; the website claims that they offer compensation for the completed surveys in the form of opinion points that can be redeemed for cash, sweepstake entries, instant win opportunities or charity donations.

The affiliate referral program offered by Opinion Outpost states that they pay their affiliates $1.00 USD for referring new members who register. The website states their payment policy is to mail checks to members when their account balance reaches the minimum $20.00 threshold in any given month.

Western Wats, a data collection company, seems to power the website and has locations in the U.S. and the Philippines; along with research panels spanning North America and Europe. According to the website, the offer to participate is only valid to residents within the U.S. and Canada, those over the age of 18 and only one account per household is allowed.

What is your experience with OpinionOutpost.com? Post your own review of Opinion Outpost below and let us know how it went!

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