QuickRewards.net Reviews | Is QuickRewards.net a Scam?

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What is QuickRewards.net?

QuickRewards.net says that it is an incentive based marketing company that has been around since 2002. They claim that their goal is to provide top notch customer service to their clients. On top of supporting their clients, they also claim to want to help maximize their earnings and ensure customer loyalty. Also, they state that they want to provide their advertisers with the traffic they desire at favorable prices, while simultaneously maximizing their return on investment.

How does Quick Rewards work?

Membership with QuickRewards.net seems to be free. Once you become a member, the site claims that you will be able to earn money by shopping online, visiting websites, taking surveys online, reading paid emails, signing up for various offers, as well as through other means. The site states that each of their members receives payment for their services within twenty four hours. Payment comes either in gift certificates, cash through PayPal, or Disney Dollars.

By joining you appear to have the ability to get paid for doing online “work” and you are said to have access to over 250 offers. Also their online shopping section is said to house over 1,300 stores. When you sign up for your membership, you get the chance to choose which program you would like to join. You can choose as many as you’d like, but you have to choose at least one.

The programs are:

• Quick Rewards Shop and Save = Earn up to 25% cash back at over 1,000 stores. (1 email/day)
• Quick Rewards Paid For Your Opinions Program = Online surveys (3+ Emails/day)
• Quick Rewards Earn Cash Online Program = Get Paid to take offers, read emails, visit websites, play games, etc. (3+ Emails/day)

What does it cost?

QuickRewards.net does not appear to cost anything. It also seems as though most of their programs are free as well. However, some of them, such as the shopping online program, do require you to spend money.

They say that you can make up to 25% back, but that means you have to spend money, in order to save money. However, that being said, it doesn’t appear as though any of their services require any sort of fee in order to be used.

QuickRewards.net in Review

QuickRewards.net is a website that allows you to spend time online and make money at the same time. Whether you’re shopping online, taking surveys, reading emails, or playing games; QuickRewards.net claims that you will be able to make money. You also appear to have the option to choose how you want to be paid. There are various redemption options such as gift certificates to brand name stores, prizes or cash transfers.

Do you have any experience with QuickRewards.net? If you do, please write about it below and let us know how it worked for you!

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Rating 5.0 - 1 Reviews
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QuickRewards.net Reviews | Is QuickRewards.net a Scam?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

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Stacy Lewis is a stay-at-home mom and proud single mother. Her true love is her baby boy Mason, who is her inspiration for life. After getting laid off from her position as a legal assistant in 2007, she turned to the internet as a way to support her family. Unfortunately, the road to success was rocky and her first 18 months brought nothing but credit card debt, financial stress, and one "get-rich-quick" scam after another. Finally, after almost 2 years of struggling, she was fortunate to find a great mentor who took her under his wings and taught her what it really takes to succeed online. Ever since, she's been blessed to generate a full-time income from home and views every day as an opportunity to inspire others with the same goals. There is nothing that makes her happier than being able to give back and help others!

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