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Is Send Earning a Scam? Reviews | Is a Scam?
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Rating 0.0 - 0 Reviews is a website that allows people to sign up to receive paid emails as well as complete other tasks to earn money. Overall, the website is designed to allow members to receive offers in their inbox and then earn a specified amount of money for reading the emails. These emails are said to arrive daily, however the number of emails may vary over time.

What is Really All About?

To join, the first things that you must do are register as a member and confirm your registration. Then you are said to be presented with different opportunities to earn money on a daily basis; along with these opportunities will be the stated amount that you might earn from completing them. Here is a look at some of the opportunities that they list on their website.

>Reading Emails

This is the primary opportunity that most people seem to be geared to. You are said to receive emails on a daily basis. If you open them and then click on the confirmation link within the email, you will be credited a certain amount of money. The normal amounts appear to range from $.02 to $.10. According to the website you will receive 2 to 3 paid emails per day; however that number is said to vary.

>Taking Surveys

Within the member’s area, you might be given the opportunity to complete surveys for compensation. The amount that you are paid per survey will vary, however it should be stated before you complete it. As with most survey companies; you may need to fit a certain demographic in order to get the opportunity to complete any particular survey.

>Playing Games is teamed up with Cash Games. If you sign up for Cash Games; then you are said to be credited $10 in your Cash Games account. You will then seemingly earn money based upon any additional money that you place into your account. Additionally, there are paid game options; which allows to compete against others in order to win cash.

>Online Shopping

There seems to be a number of retailers that are available through this program. It seems that you can earn money by making purchases at those online stores. Within the member’s area, there may also be special promotions and discounts from those online stores as well.

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>Product Testing

There are a variety of offers within the member’s area that are said to allow you to either purchase or join free trials for a variety of products. You will then earn a specific amount based upon what the product offer is.

Who Might Benefit From

This type of website is primarily designed to benefit people who are looking for a simple way to earn some additional income online. It has been noted that this website is not designed to replace a full-time income and should instead be treated as an opportunity for supplementary income.

What Expenses Are Related to

There does not appear to be any expenses directly related with signing up for or earning money via the actions; such as reading emails or taking surveys. However, there may be expenses related to product testing, shopping online and cash gaming. All of the expenses should be stated up front and participating in these types of activities are not mandatory in order to earn money.

Who is CotterWeb Enterprises?

CotterWeb Enterprises is the company that owns both Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars. They were founded in 2000 and currently host a total of more than 7 million members. They were named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies in 2009 and listed as the 9th fastest growing private company in Minnesota in 2009 by the Business Journal. in Review is considered a “customer loyalty” website. It allows members to earn income from completing specified tasks such as reading paid emails, shopping online, taking surveys, playing games and completing product offers.

This type of website seems to appeal most to people who are looking for an easy way to earn some additional income, however it is not an opportunity designed to generate a full-time income.

What is your experience with Post your own review of the website and let us know how it went!

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Rating 0.0 - 0 Reviews
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  • Maybe this is something new, because I see some people got paid, but after I clicked on 600+ "paid emails," about 2 weeks ago they completely stopped sending paid emails to me. So I asked Live Support what happened. They said since I haven't bought anything, they're no longer sending me the paid emails. And since I'm only up to $21 out of the required $30 needed to cash out, I WON'T BE GETTING 1 CENT! They told me to "take part in other offers" which would require me to spend money! And I could still request a check when I have earned $30!
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