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True Residual Income Opportunities

Discover The Secret Of A Residual Income

True Residual Income Opportunities | Discover The Secret Of A Residual Income
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When it comes to true residual income opportunities, it can be difficult to determine which ones have the highest likelihood of succeeding. While there is never a guarantee of success when trying to make money online, there does appear to be opportunities that, on average, tend to perform more consistently than others.

In order to decide which opportunity could be the best fit for you, it is important to understand what residual income is and what options seem to have the highest amount of success for the average person.

What Are True Residual Income Opportunities All About?

A true residual income opportunity is when you do something once and have the ability to profit from it over and over again. When it comes to internet marketing, residual income often is paired with phrases like “set it and forget it” and “make money while you sleep”.

That is because some of these opportunities are designed in a way that allows you to make money as long as your website or method of promotion is live. That means that you may have an opportunity to make a sale while you are sleeping or after you have moved on to another project.

To give you an idea of how the concept of residual income is often applied to online marketing; here are some examples of this type of income that are often used to explain how the process works.


When you write an eBook or create a piece of software the actual creation process only takes place once. However, you can sell hundreds or thousands of copies. That means from a single action (creating the product), you can get paid over and over again. In many cases, creating a product is often paired with an affiliate program so that others will actually promote your product for you.

So; once you create the product and sales page you can move on to another project while still making sales from this project. This is true residual income that is generated through the creation and marketing of some form of product.

>Creating a Membership Site

Some people consider any membership site to be an example of residual income; whereas others state that some types are and some are not. If you create a membership site where you are constantly creating additional content, then it may not fall into the category of residual income, because you are never actually finished creating the product. However, there are a number of membership sites that operate as a continuity program.

For example, you can create a site that has a 9 month program-length. That means that every member will be getting new content/training for a period of nine months and then their membership ends. This type of website would be considered a source of residual income because you would create the 9 month training program and then continue to make money off of that single creation over and over.

True Residual Income Opportunities In Summary

There are a wide variety of residual income opportunities online. Some may take more effort than others to actually achieve success; however the key similarity is that you will only have to take a specified action (usually creating a product or website) once. From that single action, you can continue to generate income, even after you have moved on to another product. While there are many different methods that you can choose from, some have proven to be more consistently successful than others. For example, creating an eBook, piece of software, or a membership site appears to be associated with a high level of success.

What do you think true residual income opportunities are? Have you had more success with one method over another? Post your own review of ways to make money online below and let us know how it went!

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