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Rating 3.8 - 5 Reviews is a cash gifting program with a very persuasive voice—that of “Mr. Q.” Things has going for it: awesome marketing, no fluff, and telling it like it is. However, cash gifting programs have been much-debated over the years, and it almost seems like a step back to return to such a concept—or does it work even better now? Let’s take a quick look—Is also Too Damn Effective? How Does It Work?

Q’s Web site is in-your-face, honest, and makes no bones about being an expensive program to join. works like a typical gifting program—you enrol members who join for a fee, and get a commission off of that.

Each membership can be purchased for either $6,600 or $18,500, with different percentages of commissions and benefits set for each level. There used to be several more levels, but only offers two levels at this point.

To sign up, you must call with the referral ID number mentioned in the system-generated ads that Mr. Q puts out. Each member pays a monthly fee for the advertising too.

After joining,’s marketing system takes over, and you can either choose to participate more aggressively, or enrol in the marketing programs and hope that pays off well. Each prospective member MUST call with a referral number (which corresponds to a member). If the prospect turns into a member, TooDamnEasy sends you the commission in hard cash. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

First off, the good: can work for you even if you don’t have much time to spare (but have enough money). A few people have reported making good money with it.

Q’s marketing techniques are unique, and will make anyone sit up and take notice. So that translates into money for you. His tips on marketing, shared with members through his weekly newsletter “Cash Me Out,” can also prove very convincing.

Now, the bad: This list is long. First off, cash gifting programs such as are not attractive for many people who’ve had bad experiences with such programs earlier. They were all the rage in the 80s, remember?

Also, the entry level of is simply out of the reach of anyone starting out, or testing the waters. At $6,600 a pop, you’d better be serious about this, or have a lot of money to spare.

Also, while requires all prospective members to quote a referral ID when calling about a membership, there is no tracking system available to you. That means you don’t really have a way of knowing which marketing materials actually work, and which don’t. You also don’t know whether you have actually been credited for your contacts.

There’s another thing too: is a one-up system, where every fifth gift must be handed over to Q. Now that can really add up over time, because each gift is either $6,600 or $18,500. Good luck getting to that fifth gift, though!

And finally, the ugly: is a gifting system, which is, at best, borderline legal. Also, add to it the fact that you don’t really know the person who runs the outfit (“Q” sounds shady, to say the least), and the fact that Q does not live in the United States, and you have more than enough grounds for running away from

Remember too, that cash gifting programs typically make some people a lot richer and most members a lot poorer. Internet forums are full of people labeling a scam, and you had better be aware of the realistic opportunity here. Is it Worth It?

Doubts about the legitimacy of itself, bad all-round reports, and the fact that the business owner lives outside the United States should red flag this opportunity. If you have serious money to spare, however, and not much time for marketing, this might be for you. If you are hands-on, and want to track and maximize your investments in the system, may just prove to be Too Damn Frustrating for you. There are better options out there.

Bottom Line is for those who have more than enough money and very little time for marketing.

Do you have experience with this program? Share with the world below!

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Rating 3.8 - 5 Reviews
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Rating: 0 Review | Is A Scam?, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 Reviews

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