Partner With Paul Review | Does Partner With Paul Scam People?

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Rating 1.7 - 3 Reviews

Partner With Paul is an affiliate marketing program. The company’s founder claims that his monthly earnings from the program are over $130,000. He claims to have reached an income ceiling within his own business after extensive development, and that by inviting others to take part and grow their own business, he in turn grows his business and his profits. A true win-win situation.

After signing up for this program, members are re-directed to, the website for Online Business Systems. This website offers a “Home Business Training Package.” This company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2003, and apparently has an excellent rating. They offer to teach everything you need to know to start earning an income from home, with an affiliate company.

Their website states that this company operates in 75 countries and is listed with the New York Stock Exchange, but the website does not clearly state who this company is. When reading through the very fine print, however, it is stated that this is actually an opportunity to become a distributor for Herbalife International.

Meanwhile, back on the Partner With Paul website, those who have opted in to the business opportunity provided by Online Business Systems have access to Paul’s Special Report, along with coaching and training to help grow their business.

Partner With Paul Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

Partner with Paul is free; however, the home business training package offered by Online Business Systems has a cost of $9.95, to cover shipping and handling charges. For those who sign up for the package within the specified time frame, Paul offers the bonus of a SurveyScout account, valued at $35. Online Business Systems offers no bonus, but they do offer a 90-day, “no questions asked money-back guarantee” that is backed by BuySafe. Upon trying to leave their site without signing up, you are offered a free copy of The Home Business Tax Guide as an incentive to sign. When trying to navigate away from the primary site, you are redirected to a page listing companies that reportedly can help with earning a small amount of cash quickly, to help cover the cost of Online Business Systems’ start-up package.

About The Founders

The founder of Partner With Paul is a gentleman by the name of Paul Myers.Unfortunately, during our research, we could find little information about Paul. His website simply states that he makes exceptional money running his online business, and that he is interested in helping others develop their own businesses.

Quick Summary

Partner With Paul is actually an affiliate program designed to set members up with their own Herbalife International distributorship.

The company does this by partnering with Online Business Systems. Members are offered a small bonus and training from Paul Myers, the founder, as they develop their Herbalife business. Online Business System offers a 90-day guarantee on their start-up package, and Herbalife International is a very well-known company world-wide.

Have you ever worked with Herbalife or Online Business Systems? Do you know anything about Paul Myers? Share your thoughts with our readers below!

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Rating 1.7 - 3 Reviews
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Partner With Paul Review | Does Partner With Paul Scam People?, 1.7 out of 5 based on 3 Reviews

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Stacy Lewis is a stay-at-home mom and proud single mother. Her true love is her baby boy Mason, who is her inspiration for life. After getting laid off from her position as a legal assistant in 2007, she turned to the internet as a way to support her family. Unfortunately, the road to success was rocky and her first 18 months brought nothing but credit card debt, financial stress, and one "get-rich-quick" scam after another. Finally, after almost 2 years of struggling, she was fortunate to find a great mentor who took her under his wings and taught her what it really takes to succeed online. Ever since, she's been blessed to generate a full-time income from home and views every day as an opportunity to inspire others with the same goals. There is nothing that makes her happier than being able to give back and help others!

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