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Speed Sponsoring Review

Does Speed Sponsoring Scam People?

Speed Sponsoring Review | Does Speed Sponsoring Scam People?

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

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Rating 5.0 - 1 Reviews

Speed Sponsoring is a company that sells Private Label Rights to their books and materials, allowing you to modify, change, take credit for, resell and basically do anything you like with the content. The idea is that you will appear much more credible as a network marketer. The product itself is a series of eBooks that you’re allowed to modify and re-brand in any way that you choose. The library includes books, capture pages, marketing emails and much more, that you can use with or without your own modifications.

These products are provided with non-transferable private label rights, allowing you to sell the materials in any form you like, with your own name as the author. This can help you to establish your own credibility, leading to more prospects and sign-ups for you.

You can sell the product through personal interaction, retail sales, and through your own website. You could even use eBay and other websites if you so choose. That said, Speed Sponsoring does not provide a website for you.

Speed Sponsoring Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

The Speed Sponsoring Private Label Rights package costs just $67, according to the website, with a warning that the price cold rise quickly. Unlike other sites, there is no discount offered when you click out of the site. As you scroll down the page, however, you’ll find that there is a First 50 People Discount,” where the entire system is offered for just $27.

They offer a bonus product- reportedly valued at nearly $5,000- of 10 pre-written sales letters that you’re welcome to change, modify or use however you may need.

The “Double Strength Double Guarantee” allows you to use the product for a full year, and if you’re not satisfied they’ll refund your money no questions asked. They also allow you to keep using the product. They promise, in the guarantee, that within the first few weeks you’ll have between 10 and 20 new leads.

There are no ongoing fees for the Speed Sponsoring products.

About The Founders

There was no information obtainable about the founders of this system. An extensive internet search provided no additional information.

Quick Summary

Speed Sponsoring and the MLM Fire Sale offer you an arsenal of products you can modify and re-brand as your own, selling as your own product and helping you to appear more credible, which can be a great asset to a new person in the field.

You’ll have books, sales letters and email templates all pre-written and at your fingertips any time you need them.

The products come with a price of $67, and a discount to just $27 if you scroll down the page. The “Double Strength Double Guarantee” offers you a full year to try the system, after which if you’re not satisfied they’ll refund your money and let you keep using the product.

Have you used the Speed Sponsoring products or have some information that might be of benefit to the community? Leave your experience in the comments below and help your fellow marketers!

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Rating 5.0 - 1 Reviews
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Speed Sponsoring Review | Does Speed Sponsoring Scam People?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

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