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SuccessQUIK Review

Does SuccessQUIK Scam People?

SuccessQUIK Review | Does SuccessQUIK Scam People?

SuccessQUIK On The Web:

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

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SuccessQuik is based around an advertising product in which you purchase advertising for whatever products or services you are marketing, and you’re given entry into income generating 2×2 matrixes. There are 9 steps to this program, and each “level” features a one time, lifetime fee with no monthly fees, as well as more advertising points and other perks. The income opportunity offered includes five 2×2 matrixes and a 2×10 forced matrix, all allowing a person to cycle continually after a one time payment at each step.

The offered advertising service claims to be one of the most powerful advertising services catering to MLM and network marketing opportunities, and they offer a regular webinar and live seminars that help you to succeed with their program.

The company’s website offered no information about whether or not you need your own website for the program, or whether they provide one.

SuccessQUIK Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

There are nine levels to the SuccessQUIK system, each one with it’s own one time starter fee:
* $6.95 for the first level
* $10.95 for the Starter Level
* $24.95 for Gateway
* $59 for Copper
* $149 for Bronze
* $200 for Silver
* $400 for Gold
* $800 for Platinum
* $1600 for Diamond

Each time you upgrade, you pay the start-up cost for the next level – which you will earn back when you’ve cycled the matrix at that level. There are no monthly fees, simply the costs to upgrade. There’s no exit pop up offering a discount when you leave, and there appear to be no bonuses at this time.

There were no guarantees listed on the website for the SuccessQUIK program.

About The Founders

There is very little information about founders Clinton Clark or Mark Rosen on the company’s website. An extensive internet search revealed no additional information.

Quick Summary

SuccessQUIK offers a service that all network marketers need to get the most out of their efforts: advertising.

The company offers this advertising at competitive prices, and includes income generating matrixes along with their advertising services. Each of the nine levels offers you more advertising, and greater potential to generate income. The levels start at $6.95 and go all the way up to $1600, but each payment is a lifetime payment for that level. Once you’ve paid, you’ll continue to benefit from the service you’ve bought for as long as you choose to stay with the program.

Clinton Clark and Mark Rosen appear to have put together an advantageous combination for most marketers with this system.

Aside from pricing information and sales pitches, there was no other information available on their site.

They do not appear to provide a website or a guarantee for your money. What they do provide is a simple way to start an advertising campaign.

Have you used the SuccessQUIK system? If so, help your fellow marketers by including your experiences and any information you may have in the comments section below!

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