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LifeVantage Review

Does LifeVantage Scam People?

LifeVantage Review | Does LifeVantage Scam People?

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The Breakdown - Company Highlights

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LifeVantage is a network marketing company that has been publicly traded on the stock market for many years. It seems that you can make a decent income as either a part time or full time distributor, as long as you have the dedication and ambition to sell their products.

There are two ways to make an income while working with this company. You can both buy and sell the two main products, Protandim and TrueScience, to earn what seems to be a straight commission, or you can recruit others to work with you, and receive a commission from their sales as well as yours. As with most network marketing programs, you can receive an income from the sales of the members in your downline.

According to the information given, the products have been verified as safe to use through clinical research, but there are claims that they can be hard to sell, especially in the recovering economy. It seems that as with most MLM opportunities, your potential income is based off how much you can sell and how to generate sales leads.

LifeVantage Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

To become a distributor, there are some start-up costs that total around $600. This includes your first start-up kit. You must also enroll in and maintain a monthly auto ship of their products. For a preferred customer, a one month auto ship supply of Protandim runs about $40. This company offers several way to generate income, including profits from your retail sales and long term income, such as monthly residual income from creating a productive down line.

About The Founders

According to the website, LifeVantage was founded in 2003 by its president and CEO, David Brown. It is reported that he has had ties to the company, Metabolife. The website claims that the company was created to market and sell anti-aging products that have gone through seemingly arduous clinical trials.

Quick Summary

As a MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing company founded by David Brown, LifeVantage is a company that offers the average person the chance to generate income by distributing anti-aging products.

You can earn commissions from your own sales, or commissions from your sales plus the sales of others that you have recruited to sell the products with you.

As with most MLMs, you can reportedly earn only what you sell. With a claimed start-up cost of around $600, you get your first basic start-up kit, which you can use to begin making extra money. There is also a monthly auto ship method of keeping your products stocked. This program offers you a way to make money through sales and potential the sales of others, so recruiting, it seems, is the basis to larger earnings.

Have you or someone you know participated in the LifeVantage program? Please tell us about your experiences.

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