Vitamark International Review | Does Vitamark International Scam People?

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VitaMark International deals in natural nutritional supplements, the most popular of which is Limu Plus. They market their products using the tried and true network marketing business model, in which you (the distributor) sell their products and recruit new distributors, earning retail commissions as well as bonuses for your performance and the performance of the down-line you’ve built below you. They sell a variety of nutritional products through their websites and distributors around the world.

To succeed with companies such as VitaMark International, the goal is two fold. You need to sell as much product as you can, and you need to build a down-line of distributors to sell product as well. To do this, you can use websites, marketing brochures and cards, or just talk to people. The company provides “Training on Demand” at their website, and you’ll receive your own company website with any of the three enrollment packages.

The compensation plan, like many similar systems, is based on your own retail sales and those of the affiliates below you. You’ll earn a commission for selling the products, as well as commissions for the sales of affiliates below you. You can also earn performance bonuses when you and your organization reach sales goals.

VitaMark International Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

There are three different levels to joining the VitaMark International program. These three levels are Basic, Starter Pack and Freedom Pack.

The Basic package is $29 and includes enrollment, a personalized website as well as access to the Group Management Tool.

The Starter Pack includes all of the above and tools to help build your business as well as an assortment of VitaMark products. This level includes Starter Level Leadership bonuses and all of this is $297.

The Freedom Pack includes everything from the Starter Pack plus customer acquisition programs and Starter and Freedom Level Leadership Bonuses, for $997.

You’ll also have a monthly auto-ship order, which includes the products you choose, and the cost will vary based on what you choose.

Starter and Freedom Level Bonuses vary, depending on the amount of people in your organization, as well as your volume. However, there are bonuses for your 1st through 4th sign ups. Starter pack bonuses are $20, $50, $80 and $30 respectively. Freedom Bonuses are $50, $150, $350 and $100, respectively, plus the Starter Bonus. After your fourth sign up, you continue to receive the same bonus for each new partner as you did for the fourth.

VitaMark offers all their products with a 30 day money back guarantee for the customer. Partners may returns any unused products within 30 days of their resignation for a 90% refund on the order placed, except in cases of the “70% Requirement” on a previous month’s order.

About The Founders

The three founders of VitaMark International are David Bertrand, Jana Mitcham and Tom Schreiter. The three have worked together in network marketing since 1981, realizing their goal of starting Consumer Express in 1984. They’ve brought that experience to Vitamark International, started in 2002.

David and Jana have been in network marketing for a very long time, and were introduced because David was married to Jana’s sister. Together, the three of them have more than 60 years of network marketing experience and continue to develop their skills and help others develop their own skills.

Quick Summary

The VitaMark opportunity provides products to their distributors and gives them a chance to make a good income selling quality nutritional products, which is a very large niche. The price varies between $29 and $997, depending on the level you choose to enroll at. Founders David Bertrand, Jana Mitcham and Tom Schreiter have worked together in the network marketing arena for more than 20 years, and bring that experience and knowledge to the table with them.

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Rating 3.0 - 1 Reviews
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Vitamark International Review | Does Vitamark International Scam People?, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

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